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Kisna Pneumatics is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Auto Drain Valves, Air Line Filters in India. Our Company Located in a major city near COIMBATORE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT.
Our company manufacturing the Electronic Automatic drain valve, Mechanical drain valve & Internal float operated automatic drain valve. KisnaPneumatics auto drain valve is well designed and used for air compressor & air dryer.

Indian Market growing by manufacturers the Compressed Air Filter with the greatest efficiency, productivity and in the shortest amount of time. Its demand for compressed air has become the solution for high-speed equipment.

Our Company supplies various types of Air Filters like Pre Filter, After Filter, Fine Filter, Oil Filters, Micro Filter & Compressed Air Line Filters across India and Manufacturing Automatic Drain Valves & Compressed air line Filter.

Why Choose Kisna Pneumatics?

Kisna Pneumatics has everything you need to get started. If you’re still a little leery about pneumatic, though, then read on. The following six benefits should be more than enough to blast away the myths you’ve heard with a breath of fresh compressed air!


High Productivity

Low Cost

Low Maintenance

On Time Delivery

1000+ Customers

Electronic Auto Drain Valve Manufacturers
Mechanical Auto Drain Valve Manufacturers
Internal Float Operated Automatic Drain Valve Manufacturer

Auto Drain Valve

The automatic Drain valve can help Compressed Air System get drained regularly without the manual. Moisture Separators, Air Receivers, Filters Elements take Regular draining due to cooling of compressed air.

Our Company supplies various types of Air Filters like Pre Filter, After Filter, Fine Filter, Oil Filters, Micro Filter & Compressed Air Line Filters etc..

Kisna supplies Automatic Drain valves & Air Line Filters throughout India. We can deliver any location and anywhere in India at your nearest places by Courier & Logistics. Kisna Pneumatics Located in a major city near COIMBATORE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. Here, Lot of logistics & Transporters are there. We can deliver on time & satisfy the customer’s expectation.


1. Air Filter
2. Moisture Separators
3. Air Dryers
4. Pipe Lines

High Efficiency

High Efficiency

Zero Air Loss

Zero Air Loss

Lost Compressed Air

Lost Compressed Air



Easy to handle

Easy to handle

Low Cost

Low Cost

Well Designed Equipments

Well Designed Equipments

What We Do?

Planning is always the first and possibly the most critical component for the effective growth of any business enterprise. As a result, our company has set in motion a number of strategies to help us make strides in the market. Many of the elements of our planning are listed below:

In order to stand tall in the market environment of today, our company, Kisna Pneumatics, is vigorously engaged in consistent research and development work. This really allows us to build plans that can make our company expand. The highly skilled team of researchers we have is performing continuous research and thus, developing the right product collection, which includes Electronic Auto Drain Valve, Carbon Filter, Air Compressor Filter, Compressed Air Line Filters With Auto Drain Valve, Internal Auto Drain Valve, etc. All in all, unwavering research and development has always successfully helped us establish a large customer base. We aim to serve customers with the best in the future too by continuing our research & development.

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Kisna Pneumatics is India's leading Pneumatic Manufacturers Company Of Air Filter Suppliers in Coimbatore

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Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter



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Kisna Pneumatics

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1000 Units

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