Electronic Auto Drain Valve

Product Details & Description

The Kisna Pneumatics Electronic Auto Drain Valve is a full automatic solenoid drain valve that helps to remove condensate from compressors, receivers, dryers, aftercoolers, filters, and drip legs.

We are the leading manufacturer of Auto Drain Valve for Air Compressor which are manufactured with high-grade raw material. These products are tested as per the international standards of quality to ensure high performance without any delays.


a) Low Maintenance
b) High Efficient
c) Simple Design
d) Easy handling


a) Model: VAD10
b) Size: 1/2″ BSP
c) Cycle Time: 0.5-45mins
d) Drain Time: 0.5-10 sec
e) Max.W.Pressure: 16 bar
f) Max.W.Temp: 90*C
g) Input Power: 230V AC
h) Y-Type Strainer
i) Ball Valve
j) Manual Test Mode


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